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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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something afternoon then are storms, on storm scan three, katie has your forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. also, this is breaking news, looking live right new at a busy stretch of the boulevard, it is shut down in the north east as police investigate a faith willal accident. you can see the car, slammed in the tree there. vittoria has details and the detours coming up in just a moment. but first a house fire in bucks county leaves a man dead. this morning we are learning why it the took hours for fire fighters, to put out those flames. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has that story. we will get to jan in just a moment. here are images from the house fire where we're told a man 58 years old was found dead inside. a big obstacle for fire fighters we're told there was a large amount of debris inside that home and parts of the collapsed roof.
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and once again this took place in olney, that fire started just after 11:30 last night different fire here, this is at a house on the 4800 block of north 13th street. it was under control in about 15 minutes. the flames damaged the second floor but no one was hurt. ukee. two philadelphia police officers are recovering after an accident in philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. chopper three was over the crash tuesday night at north 21st and laveer street. while on routine patrol the officers were hit by a chevy impala that ran a stop sign, driver stayed at the scene. four people, three of which are children, are recovering after they were struck by a pickup truck in woodbury heights, new jersey. it happened on the 400 block of chestnut at have november. you the is the in the known if the driver suffered any injuries or if charges will be filed, in this case. let's get our traffic and weather together. we're expecting is rain this afternoon, katie. >> we certainly are ukee.
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yes, another frontal boundary is making its arrival here as the day progresses and it will bring more gusty thunderstorms. we are definitely looking at i am pack or the the possibility of at least minor to severe weather on you the there today. we do not need my umbrella you will not either. we will start off with localized zoom on storm scan three. it looks like a couple showers rolling through primarily just a handfull of sprinkles and for now things have calm down and cleared out. i can tell you it is a completely clear sky over the cbs-3 sky deck right now. and that clear sky temperatures have dropped in the mid to upper 40's in most spots. philadelphia is winning the the battle in terms of the warmth right now, currently at 50 degrees. the just a smidge above average. we are showing you 56 degrees today as that cold front crosses through. it will come through quickly. temperatures will be object not just a roller coaster but then just a nose dive later on tonight. with that you will be dodging showers, gusty then are storms and when i say gusty i'm talking about gust that is could peak at 40 to 50 miles an hour.
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in general even though wind is very light for now that will change with time and everybody could end up with small sized hail out of those thunderstorms that eventually, all rumble through. so, that said, what happened behind the front well, yeah, it is a cold front that lives up to its name for sure. typical high is what we will hit at 56 degrees. then we will see a nose dive take effect. it does appear as if temperatures will stay, within reason, but generally speaking, a smidge below average for the the bulk of the next five days. coldest day coming up here have been happening right behind us and that is tomorrow and the the last day back to work. we will tell you just how chilly it will get later in the show vittoria. >> thanks, very much katie. first let's take you new to the live look, at a very serious accident scene. this is a fatal accident in the northeast section of philadelphia. as we take you outside you will note that is if you had are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard, at ryan avenue, in and around that area, you will see this you will notice an
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active investigation scene a fatal crash occurred on the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard again right around ryan avenue. vehicle had gone in the tree at the this point here. the a as police continue to investigate, you will notice that the the north bound lanes of the inner drive are still compromised, you will notice traveling in the southbound direction that they have also compromised or they have intermittently been compromising lanes to address this incident scene. we will, of course, continue to keep you updated on. that in the meantime the best thing that we can do is to tell you to one, try to avoid it or two, stay to the outer drive so you can avoid and bypass the investigation w regard to your rush we are seeing delays on the schuylkill expressway westbound now starting to form at city avenue and usual stuff on i-95, out of the north east from cottman down through to the vine street expressway. you know how it is this is how it starts and it will only get busy from this point here. it is 6:04. we will usually see that full push of rush hour around 6:15, 6:30.
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taking a look at ben franklin bridge we are doing okay but we will have construction that will narrow things and we will talk about that in a bit ukee. >> thank you vittoria. it wasn't always like this a giant chunk of land tumbles down toward the the delaware river leaving two homes right on the edge. thinks happening on east front street in florence township burlington county. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at a the the scene where engineering are expect to survey that area today, good morning. ukee good morning. experts as well as neighbors will soon be out here. the sun has come up to survey that sin hole and do what can be done to save these home. here's a look from the sky from chopper three that cliff cutting close to two, nearby homes, now 10-yard away. eroding land falling into the delaware river below. >> the rain was just, water was just pouring through there and it was a steady stream of water down to the river. >> reporter: over the years chris and lynn owe dell and
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their neighbors have watched their backyard backslide and crumble. this picture shows their backyard before and here it is today look, not much left, in the past few months, they say it has only gotten worse. >> we're at the the mercy of whoever and waiting. >> reporter: homeowners said they have reach out to local officials to no avail. then came monday's storms which uncover later the soil and the revelation of a public storm drain and that caught the eye of the township. >> they opened up the storm sewer in the front and they found that the spot where it was capped a number of years ago had broken lose and this storm water had been running through the the pipe into here for we don't know how long. >> reporter: so if that pipe toys blame this morning that will be up to the engineers and experts to decide this morning. as you can see all looks fine from out front. the problem really is out back there. the recent round of rains neighbors say is what loosened up that soil and cause that had drop off. we are live from florence
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township justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a mother accused of abandoning her disable son in the west philadelphia park should be returning home soon. nia parlor waved extradition at a hearing yesterday in montgomery county, maryland. police say she left her quadriplegic son alone in cobbs creek park so she could visit her boyfriend who lives in maryland. when she's back in philadelphia, parlor faces several charges including attempted murder. a school bus driver is recovering after his bus crashed into this burlington county home. driver said he had a medical emergency right before crashing into that home on lenape court in mount laurel the on the way home from school yesterday afternoon. twelve students were also on that bus but we're told that none of them were hurt. well, still ahead philadelphia parents are on alert after a first grader brings heroin to school. and also demand for justice, hundreds of protesters hit the streets after a man dies in police custody, now the case is heading to the justice
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department. and, for just 6.9 mildew can buy philadelphia a's rittenhouse condo, we will show you inside when we come back. >> 6.9,. >> that is it. rain coming at us again, it is nice right now but don't let that fool you. katie is tracking storms for this afternoon. >> like noon to 6:00. >> out and about. >> bring the umbrella. >> we will be right back.
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a daring rescue after a man falls in the tracks. he tumbled down, face first on the track yesterday afternoon. a crowd gathered a and then two others jumped down to pull that man and wheelchair back on the platform. there weren't any trains nearby however officials tell us that those men were only, 2 feet way from the electrified rail. >> it looks like his head hit the the opposite rail on the left side, wow. justice department will investigate the death of freddie gray, gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody in baltimore. >> at rest was captured on video last week. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from the studio with the very latest on the investigation ongoing, nicole. >> good morning ukee and erika. shortly after after that was launched a rally was held in protest of the 25 year-old's death and demonstrators are demanding answers.
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on tuesday gray's family marched alongside community leaders and supporters, beginning at the site the where gray was arrested on april 12th. that is where police say gray and another man ran away when officers approached them. video obtain by cbs's baltimore station shows him being carried into a van and then removed and shack will. it was a 30 minute ride to the station and at the end gray was rush to the hospital. one week later he died of significant spinal injury. police say they don't know what happened but some are calling it murder. i want murder for all six of them because there was in history or record of him having any spinal injuries all six police officers cannot say what happened, the mayor has acknowledged in the press he called for immediate medical attention and nobody gave it to him. >> now organizers say they are planning a rally at baltimore city hall where they plan to follow-up with the city's mayor. as for the six officers, they
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have been suspended with pay during this investigation. the justice department is looking into whether or not civil rights were violated. ukee. still continuing to follow that nicole, thank you. >> 6:13. lets get traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> as we have been discussing there is wet weather on storm scan three to track and it does appear that the storms that rumbled through will have good enough clash of instability to work with to create stronger then are storms. we will sit in a fair weather threat. things are calm. we are in for a decent sunrise. we had what looked like a few showers, mostly in the hitting the ground. off to the west is where the bulk is combined. we have sometime here before storms erupt. by 9:00 a.m. we are starting to get a breezing here, starting off to the south and southwest, i mean you hit two or three or 4:00 this afternoon you will note that is win. these are future sustain wind speed but with any storms, you can see gusts that peak at 40 to 50 miles an hour and toward
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evening look the at how quickly it the dies down. that front will go through here but mainly after afternoon time frame we will sit in the marginal risk, strong wind, small sized hail and heavy downpours that come with those thunderstorms. included will eventually build and then we will get you to 66 degrees before that front crosses. by later on tonight phils play with the a hitch, perhaps a lingering shower. wind tapering off and skies clearing. it will be a quick hitting front but knocks our temperatures back big time. back in the in mid 50's for two straight days and that is a solid 10 degrees or so below seasonal average vittoria. good morning everyone. the let's give you an update on the accident scene in the the north east. right now i will step out of the way. you will note that is pile of metal unfortunately a fatal crash on the roosevelt boulevard northbound in the north east section of philadelphia, right around ryan avenue. as you will notice vehicles are getting by in the outer drive but due to investigation
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they have closed the inner lanes. they have been intermittently closing the southbound lanes to address this incident scene. again, if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard both north and southbound between tyson and ryan avenue throughout northeast philadelphia, stick to the outer drive as you maneuver through that this morning. the as we continue we will go elsewhere and show you rush hour delays on the highways, heading in to center city, i-95 jammed packed making your way from cottman and down through vine street expressway. you will notice sun glare now peeking as well. that will definitely add volume to the rush. also traveling on the 42 freeway usual building the northbound side approaching 295 and only will get downhill from here, ukee. vittoria, thank you. fire fighters say debris make it very difficult to battle a deadly fire in bucks county. chopper three over rural plumstead township where fire broke out early last night. a 58 year-old man was found dead inside. also, four people, at least three of whom are
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children, are being treated after they were hit by a vehicle in woodbury heights gloucester county. police say they are inn rest gating this accident. it is in the clear how much longer homeowners can stay in their homes after a huge sink hole opens up in florence township burlington county. engineers are expect to have a look today as they figure out what to do next. we will be right back, sports coming up.
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eagles are national
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favorite, 2015 schedule puts bird in prime time five times plus a thanksgiving day game. schedule came out last night. we will give you the the whole schedule in 35 seconds. first up monday match up with the cowboys. then cowboys. next road game against jets, jet, jets. road game in washington. saints march into lincoln financial field in week five. week six monday night begins giants in south philly. then sunday neither against panthers on the road. bye week is in week seven. birds play their third straight prime time game, in dallas, week number eight. next up dolphins at lincoln financial field and right here on cbs-3. then it is tampa bay bucks at home. then four days later thanksgiving day in detroit. bird get nine days rest before the super bowl champion patriots in foxboro and a shady mccoy and bills on cbs-3, then it the is cardinals, redskins, saturday night december 26th on cbs-3 as well. the regular season finally is january 3rd against the the
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giants up in north jersey. how about some baseball, phillies hit home runs with the marlins at citizens bank park. look at that shot second inning line drive from freddie galvis gave phillies a two to nothing lead. then finally ryan howard with the huge long ball to center field. his first home run of the season puts phillies on top again and then, they filet fish seven-three. tonight cole hamels get a shot at win number one good to see ryan howard get his swing on. cliff lee is selling his rittenhouse square condo. here are some of the photos from the internet are listing. it is 4,000 square feet, more than that, at 1705 rittenhouse square. it is all for the the low price of 6.9 million-dollar. for that, you will get a condo three bedrooms, three bats, indoor pool, and, two parking spaces. plus we're told it has a terrific view of the sky line. for close to seven million-dollar i would hope it
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would have a terrific view. >> that and then some. update to a story we told but yesterday ohio boy armed with a new iron man hand threw out the first pitch at columbus clippers game. >> lets see him in action. five-year old jack carter a has a strong arm hitting that ball all the way to the catcher. it is a very special day who received that new iron man hand. he was born with one fully developed hand, and they in made that other one using a 3-d printer and, iron man his favorite super hero. >> nicely done. >> yes. >> he has some power. >> yes. >> and and, they are often caught after using a breathalyzer now on the spot drug tests may also be used to combat and compare driving, up next, the pot breathalyzer. kylie jenner, the challenge, kylie jenner challenge that is going viral but doctors are saying do not do this.
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we will tell you why it is dangerous for girls trying to get that same plump pout lip look and this can go wrong. we will show you pictures coming up.
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katie, good morning. >> good morning everyone. we are going to expect to see wet weather as day progresses but a decent start the two day underway. we have in the been able to say that for last couple of days. we will start off here, beautiful sunrise currently underway, we will bring you those views, but we do have a storm system frontal boundary off to the west right now and that will be triggering some showers and eventually gusty thunderstorms, throughout the afternoon. the as early as noon time, for the western most counties, and as late assay five or 6:00 p.m. down the shore. we will be smack dab in the middle as we go into philadelphia, three or 4:00 p.m. for those storms. cool change on the way for thursday and friday we don't break the the 50's on saturday, we're talking lower
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60's. starting to ease up a little bit on the thermometer. so we are again seeing much cooler air start to settle in vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. traveling on the the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard we have a very serious fatal accident, still compromising the the inner drive. you will notice we have clean up crews now on the scene of this crash. however, if you are traveling either north bound or southbound southbound, at this time, they have been intermittently blocking the the lanes as a result of the accident here. tow truck is on the scene. because now it is just clean up process it seems to be the that the investigation has somewhat calmed down. it could be that we could see this clearing out shortly but right now stay to the the out are drive if you can throughout the north east. if you are traveling on the the usual majors for rush hour i-95, schuylkill you'll fine that this morning. erika. sentencing phase resumes this is death penalty trial of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev.
6:26 am
prosecutors told jurors yesterday that tsarnaev making an obscene gesture at a trial just three months after the bombings was unconcern, and unchanged. he had one more message to send, end quote. a victim of the bombing later took the the stand describing for the jury being thrown in the air by the blast that detroit both of her legs. three people were killed and more than 260 were wounded in the bombing. tsarnaev was quick earlier this month. governor chris christie says cuba should hand over quick cop killer, before their diplomatic relations are restored. governor christie, a potential 2016 republican presidential candidate criticized cuba during an international business conference at a state department tuesday. in 1979joann chessmar broke out of the prison and fled to cuba where she was granted a asylum. >> i have no problem with cuba being welcomed back in the family of civilized nations but you have to be civilized
6:27 am
and harboring a cop killer is not civilized conduct. >> last week president obama a proposed removing cuba from the list of countries identified as state sponsors of terrorism. legislation is under consideration in california that would allow police to use a breathalizer to detect marijuana and other drugs too. authorities say that this device can be detect methamphetamine and also cocaine. legislation would permit police officers to test people that they think could be impaired. during the demonstration at the capitol in sacramento one man tested positive for marijuana use. he quickly said that he uses medical marijuana. coming up next on "eyewitness news", the the kylie jenner challenge. girls want the big plump lips like hers but this is so dangerous. nicole brewer shows us why doctors are warning teens against it. also a first grader, brings what looks like heroin to his philadelphia elementary school and shows his friend at
6:28 am
lunchtime. now investigators want to know how he got the drugs. check it the out just a beautiful sunrise down the shore, look at those colors, but katie is tracking thunderstorms in your afternoon, we are not in the clear just yet she has your full forecast when we come right back, good morning.
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a live look at roosevelt boulevard in the northeast where a fatal accident has the the inner lanes closed near ryan avenue. accident investigators from the philadelphia police department are on the scene and, this is causing problems, at the height, of rush hour. the crews there working to clean it up as well. victoria has details and detowers to get you around that wreck coming up. investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused a deadly fire in bucks county. fire on the 6600 block of point pleasant pike in plumstead township, started just before 8:00 o'clock last night. a 58 year-old man was found dead at first floor. fire fighters say the house was full of clutter and that made fighting these flames even more difficult. >> there was a lot of difficulties. there was a lot of material inside the house. a lot of things in the house. so the the fire also had a tremendous head start. so we had to work aggressively to get ahead of the fire.
6:32 am
>> the the chief would not call this a case of hording. no one else was in the home at the time of that fire. also this morning just an unbelievable sight check that out, engineers will be out of the south jersey neighborhood to figure out what is causing this huge sink hole do you see how close to the gate? threatening two homes in burlington county. this is happening on east front street in florence township. a couple, who lives in one of those homes say they watch the land slide develop overtime, but the erosion really pick up steam over the past few months. >> the rain was just, water was just pouring through there and it was just a steady stream of the water down to the river. after the most recent round of storms, municipal a workers found an abandoned storm drain leaking accelerate ago this erosion problem. well, happening today the world pause toes honor mother earth. >> it is 31st anniversary of the very first earth day. new york city is setting goal
6:33 am
to reduce waste output by 90 percent by 2030. i believe the forty-fifth anniversary that started in 1970. zero waste plan including an overhaul of the cities recycling program. philadelphia region is also holding earth day celebrations, check out the list on our web site at cbs if you getting out to do activity planting a tree, bring your rain gear, right. >> absolutely, it does, i got so excited it depend on the time of the day that you will be out but if you are heading out right now perfect. wind is calm, sunnies out it is chilly, so, a sweat shirt is a good idea. it is so beautiful. you are in the 30's here outside kutztown area middle school but sunnies up, barely a cloud in the sky and we have light wind. that is going to change, my friend. here's a frontal boundary through ohio, indian, western pennsylvania, we have signs of showers. we are expect to go see this
6:34 am
rumble into our area, by about this afternoon. i would say your window of thunderstorms and showers is likely about noon time until 6:00 p.m. from west to east, so in philadelphia, you will see those showers and gusty storms rumble in right around three or 4:00 p.m. just as kid get out of the school and maybe you get a jump start on that afternoon drive, 66 degrees is our expect high, a seasonal day but again it will end up being one of those days that features nasty then are storms. we will because we have the wind kicking in have our pollen levels starting to creep up here. mapel, juniper popular are main issues. tomorrow and friday levels go up with time but today backing it up again expect with any of those gusty thunderstorms possibility of wind that could exceed 40 or 50 miles an hour or the possibility here even of small sized hail. that is the concern of the day, with yet another frontal boundary. we have had a front crossing through every single day of
6:35 am
this forecast and it wouldn't be wednesday without another system to track. the it does clear out by tomorrow. that is some good news. vittoria. >> we could use some good news right now because as erika mentioned earlier we are in the height of the rush hour. we have a lot going on. lets get outside first and we will take a live look at a very serious crash. if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard right in the north east. the accident occurred in the northbound side between the the area of tyson and, ryan avenue. the incident occurred in the inner lanes. unfortunately it has been reported as now a fatal crash. if you you are traveling in and around this area, stay to the outer drive and would i advise you to do that same thing traveling southbound as well, because even though the incident had happened northbound southbound crew where is out there so you still may notice lane blockages. i just saw clean up crews in the last hit that we did. so they are slowly but surely moving things along. as we move to rush hour delays well traveling on the vine street expressway we have volume, a a approaching the
6:36 am
area of the schuylkill traveling westbound. the eastbound is not awful but we have sun glare a affecting your commute from the i-95 down through the vine. rush hour there. pack the shade. ben franklin bridge, of course, they have construction during rush hour, and narrow you down to three lanes. notice right lane is being blocked as you make your way in to philadelphia give your sometime out there. no major problems for mass transit, ukee. an update on the story reported first here on cbs-3. philadelphia police special victims unit is investigating what is believed to be heroin found, wound up rather in the had hand of the child. it was around lunchtime at william cramp elementary school in west kensington when a first grader pulled 14 baggies to his backpack and showed to it his classmates. two students notified police and a lunchtime aid. >> my son goes there. he his in first grade. what if he would have gotten his had hand to it, something worse would have happened. >> the school sent a letter home to parents saying in part that this letter is a remine tore please check your child's
6:37 am
school bag every day and remove anything that does not belong at a school. now to a cbs-3 iteam exclusive, a city worker is recovering after getting shocked while picking up the trash. it happened when a metal trash can came into contact with an electrified light pole on appletree street in center city. the worker was rush to the hospital but they are back home this morning. peco has shut off pur to that pole. and, take a look at this right here that woman chases down a robbery suspect who ran off with her purse in west philadelphia. and all of this, and keep watching, she jumped in the passenger window of the getaway car and sped off with her clinging to the side. this happened last friday at 52nd and cedar streets. police are still trying to id that suspect. more wild surveillance video from newark, new jersey to show you. thieves used a truck to ram through the door of the fried chicken restaurant. they ran over an atm and threw
6:38 am
the damage machine in the back of the pick up and took off. police are working a off this video and other pieces of surveillance footage to find those suspects. right now 6:38. this is the the latest social media challenge teenagers are attempting to plump up their pouts to look like reality tv star kylie jenner. >> videos are popping up on you tube. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins with us more on this crazy, stunt that doctors call dangerous. >> you know, call it a physics experiment for your face, in an effort to look like the reality star teens are taking a hash tag kylie jenner challenge and some are ending up in thee mergecy rooms. still that hasn't stopped some teenagers from accepting that challenge and posting video of themselves taking part in the lip plumping trend. you suction your lips in the bottle offer glass of some kind creating a vacuum with your mouth which causes lip toss inflate.
6:39 am
well the daffy duck look may seem silly but this is in joke, doctors say it can result in broken blood vessels, lacerations and even stitches this morning kylie jenner is addressing the social media craze via twitter. we have her tweets up here. first one says i'm not here to encourage people young girls to look like me or to think this is the the way they should look. her next tweet followed that by saying i want to encourage young people and young girls to be yourself and not be afraid to experiment with your look. so, perhaps a little lip gloss, maybe lip liner, sound a little safer. by the the way ukee and erika, if teens want proof that this is in the a good idea, just search hash tag kylie jenner goes wrong. i promise it is not pretty. >> those girls they say wow what did i do. >> not cute. >> imagine what we didn't show. nicole, thank you. a growing number of adults are turning to a childhood activity to relax.
6:40 am
>> they are coloring. >> how about that. >> adult coloring books for adults are among an amazon's top ten sellers. with themes ranging from nature animals to classic paintings those books are market todd stressed out adults. one art therapy piss say coloring can lift your mood, reduce anxiety and also relief stress. anyone who maybe colored with their kid or niece, nephew when you are baby-sitting, it is fun it takes you back and you focus on your area. >> i had trouble staying in the lines. that is a sign of something. >> you don't have to be staying in the lines it is just the act of coloring. the the the actress and comedian who says she's going brian. it is largest out break of bird flu in three decade, find out how experts believe the disease is spreading. a dad who uses a drone to spy on his daughter, but he says it is for a good reason. we will talk bit on the other side.
6:41 am
looking live outside and katie wants you to know. >> yes. >> it may be nice now. >> but. >> but the rains will return this afternoon. >> oh, okay, i wonder how much? we will find out. >> we will be right back.
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6:44 am
let's check with katie and our weather watchers, good morning. >> a really nice start to the morning out there definitely being reported by watchers too. we will go out to the map view. we generally have temperatures on the cool side but wind is exceptionally light for now. we have sunshine. it feels nice as long as you are ready with a fleece or sweat shirt. we will go out to 45 degrees sent in from lou full sunshine where he is in eagleville. we will go to one more where we are keeping it confined north of philadelphia kyle send nothing more sunshine in hat wrote and 41 degrees. 47 degrees from steve schwartz where he had has a handful of cloud out in bensalem but still a dry beginning. that will change. the it comes because we have a frontal boundary obviously to track here. right now over pennsylvania for the most part bringing in some rain showers but as this continues to gather some light of day and heating of the day, it will gather some instability. that does mean that we will likely end up with stronger thunderstorms. the yen window is about noon
6:45 am
time until 6:00 p.m. it all moves from western most suburbs to the shore from west to east, through that time frame. so it is three or 4:00p m that this is a all moving over philadelphia. so win gusts can peak as high as 50 miles an hour. secure your trash can before you leave the house because trust me it could end up down the street. small hail isn't without possibility, and then localized downpours are also going to come within those then are storms. in the meantime we should still hit 66 degrees. very seasonal. cold front and it lives up to its name. we are back in the mid 50's and 10 degrees below average for next few days, vittoria. good morning everyone. we have a tow truck on the scene new to remove this vehicle, involved in the fatal crash. it was only vehicle that hit a tree on the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard at ryan avenue. you will notice tow truck pulling this or getting ready to pull this vehicle out of the way. police still on the scene.
6:46 am
northbound inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard are still closed a as a result of this accident. they have been intermittently blocking southbound lanes as well in the inner drive. generally speaking right throughout rush hour we have this incident out there but stay to the souther drive lanes, just to be on the safe side between tyson and ryan avenue in the northeast section. the as we continue through the schuylkill 76 westbound jam packed approaching city avenue out through gladwynn. same thing on i-95, i-95 southbound from the northeast down to the vine street expressway a very slow go. sun glare is a a affecting your commute so things are slower ukee. on the healthwatch this morning farmers in the midwest are struggling to contain biggest out break of bird flu in the you had in 30 years. >> highly infectious h5n2 virus has hit egg and poultry produce inner 13 states. the experts say they believe the the disease is spreading by migrating flocks of wild ducks and geese. the current strain can kill a
6:47 am
flock of bird in under 48 hours. the experts say there is little threat to humans. >> we would have to have contact with a live poultry market. that were not be a concern for someone eating an egg. >> federal government is now working on a possible vaccine to fight that virus. is there more reason to have an extra cup of coffee today. a international study show coffee inhibits growth of tumors. it found patients on tamoxifen had lower risk of recurrence if they drank to cups of coffee a day. so drink up. many charities offer gently used business clothe to woman struggling to get back on their feet. >> woman need more than a suit. in today's story of brotherly love a cherry hill couple is filling a need that can seem invisible. it is sorting day at distributing dignity the the cherry hill non-profit started by joan and her wife
6:48 am
rebecca macintyre. that are generosity is nothing new. for years they were part of the committee donating business clothes to a home less day center. >> one of the women pulled her aside and said thank you for our suit but we don't have a decent brat to wear underneath the that. >> reporter: when they heard that, they started collects bras and donations started to roll in. >> it is unique for everybody who gets them. >> reporter: last year they became a non-profit. since last march they have donate more than a thousand bras, all brand new. >> it is something that they don't normally receive and they seem to really appreciate getting something new. >> reporter: distributing dignity, also collects feminine hygiene products. joan i and her niece maggie are packing up hundreds of them. >> we will get a whole package to take a way but small pack, discrete and should last them a while. >> i would never wanting to without any of these things. so living without it is unthinkable. >> reporter: these supplies will go toward cathedral kitchen in camden which helps
6:49 am
the homeless. karen, runs it. >> it is a cool idea this is something started for women for woman and supported by woman. >> reporter: this project is so bigot just moved into its the own rented space. >> people that want to help and they help and it is awesome. >> karen said a real cool idea. they welcome donations on have new bras and up opened packages, like tampons and pad. they have reached some 300 women this year. to find out how to help go to cbs and search for brotherly love. >> you don't think of those things. you donate your suit. >> very cool. right now 6:49. >> lets check in and see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from new york, good morning. >> i can tell you live and in color, hello ukeelee and erika, ahead man who shot president reagan could soon be tree. major garrett the is here with why john hinkley junior's doctors think he might be ready. doctor holy phillips on the
6:50 am
new cheap easier way to find out if you are at risk for breast cancer. this has been called the most dangerous movie ever made, look at this guy getting a tacked by real lions. john blackstone find out why 1981 film star, tippy headron and dozens of wild animals is just now being released in the u.s. the the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. ukeelee, i bet you knew this, tippy headron and melony griffin are mother and. >> of course. >> wasn't she the the actress and bird. >> mother and what. >> daughter. >> mother and daughter. >> yes. >> through go. >> of course. >> anytime. >> anytime. >> i can always count on you. >> jill always picking on me but i love it. >> thanks, gayle, talk to you later. the word is actress roseann barr is going blind. >> she made an announcement during a interview with the
6:51 am
daily beast. she suffers from macular degeneration and glad comb a she's spoking marijuana and that relieves pressure in her eyes. she added he dozen joy read ago lot but figures heck he can hire someone to read to her. gwyneth paltrow has officially filed for divorce from her husband chris martin. the source tells e news that paltrow and martin's business managers have been working out the terms of their split. they are citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. but actress and cold play rocker say they will remain a family and raise their children together. prince william is officially on paternity leave as he and kada await the the birth of their second child any daze now. duke of cambridge completed his first phase of ambulance air pilot training early. william is on unpaid leave until their little baby is born. had kate gone in the labor while the duke was at work, he would have had a two hour drive, back to london.
6:52 am
momma would not be happy. >> momma don't play that good no, get back here right now. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cw. three. see you in a bit.
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traveling right now on the roosevelt boulevard especially during rush hour is getting tricky out there as a result of an accident that occurred earlier a fatal accident on the northbound side of roosevelt boulevard between tyson and ryan avenue. the last time we checked our cameras they were in the process of getting vehicle involved towed out of the way but we may still fine intermittent lane blockages north and southbound on the section of the boulevard in the north east so just be careful of that. traveling on 422 at trooper we have a disable vehicle on the westbound side. eastbound side we have rush hour delays as you make your way out of the area approaching oaks and then down through to 202. traveling on the ben franklin bridge watch out for construction in the the westbound direction narrowing things a bit. rush hour on i-95 a and schuylkill. we have some sun. the katie will it stick around all day. >> unfortunately i cannot promise that. we have to tiehl with stormy weather later today. never know it looking out the window and even stepping out the side because it is very
6:56 am
comfortable, cool, granted but seasonally cool and comfortable. we have a bright blue skies. the you cannot find one cloud right now. very calm wind to the northwest, humidity isn't terrible we are at 50 degrees but trust me there is stormy weather on the move for us and it will eventually get here by this afternoon. guys, back to you. >> katie, thank you. a tennessee father is taking helicopter parenting to a new higher level. >> check this out chris early is using a drone to monitor his daughter's walk to school. he got the idea when his eight year-old daughter asked if she could walk to school on her own. >> i could see on the monitor that one of the kid were looking, pointing up. i'm sure katie was just like it is just my dad. >> i was like, wow. >> he didn't tell me, and so i was pretty surprised. >> what a great idea though. katie doesn't mind and chris says he is happy neglect that
6:57 am
she's safe. i'm sure it is a big thing to walk to school on your own but as a parent you are concerned. >> just my dad. >> with his drone, don't mind him. >> yes. >> following in the car behind. >> yes. >> exactly. >> just a little bit. "eyewitness news" continues right now on our sister station cw philly. we are live in burlington county as investigators try to figure out what to to with the home on the brink of a giant sink hole. we will see you on the cw philly. have a great
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, april 22nd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." should the would-be assassin who shot president reagan be set free? today the court considers that question. outrage grows in boston. new video shows freddie gray at the back of a police van. and can police break up a ring stealing rare bourbon. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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